Here are some of my favorite pieces of content I created or commissioned, which range in tone and subject from deep dives on wage politics, to Putin-themed satire.



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Sneakerhead: Freehand Profit on Adidas, Commodity Culture and Sculpting Soles 

Apple’s Spaceship Campus Will Lead to More Innovative Workplace Design  

The Font Wars: Adobe’s David Lemon on Typeface Innovations 

Paste Goes To Washington: The Women’s March

The Force Is Strong With This One (Million) 


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The NEA News We All Saw Coming: Trump Threatens Arts Funding 

Nike’s Pro Hijab Can Help Normalize Female Muslim Athletes 

Where Your Eyes Don’t Go: Art In The Age of Trump  

Plastic Jesus and The Crucifixion of Kanye West  

Cocaine Art, Eden and Sex at MoMA  

Subway Therapy  


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Hello Noto: Google Ships The Most Expansive Font You’ve Ever Seen 

The 50 Coolest Coworking Spaces Across The Country 

Denver Police Confiscate Blankets From Homeless 

Sweetwater Brewing Announces New Female CEO 

365 Days of Drawing: The Ladies of Broadway

Art Organizations That Need Your Help Now 


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Liquid Candy: Infographic Guide to Dessert Beers 

Ranking Every MST3K Episode From Worst To Best

Eating Badly: Heinous New Years Resolutions

The Indescribable Beauty of Radiohead 

Best American Berliner Weisse 



These Parade Floats Are (Almost) More Terrifying Than Trump’s Presidency 

Design That Goes Boom: 25 Best Vintage Firework Label Designs 

Milton Glaser’s 15 Favorite Olympic Logo Designs of All Time 

R2D2 Mini Fridge: This Is The Droid You’ve Been Looking For

Exit Lumbersexual: GQ Says Flannel Is So Last Season 

Wells Fargo Rejects Black Lives Matter Card Design 

The Best Golden Shower Gallery Ever. Believe Me.