I'm glad you're here. This website revamp was long overdue. Not that I've been relying on a jQuery parallax monstrosity I hand-coded during college for the last few years or anything... 


1. I want to share my work with brand managers, ad agencies and others who are looking for an user experience strategist, interactive art director, digital designer... you get the idea.

2. I want to connect you with the design resources I love.

3. And obviously, I want you to hire me.

I decided to write this little note so you can get to know me better right away... because do you really want to interview or hire someone you don't know? 

I've been there. You or your boss may be worried about adding someone new to the team who is super high-maintenance or disappears faster than a new Kylie Jenner Lip Kit.

They spend too much time discussing obscure Game of Thrones characters during meetings.

They still haven't started on that creative brief.

But don't worry! You've found the designer of your dreams. The guruji of gifs. The sweetheart of search. The ringleader of roadmaps. The overlord of optimization. The wiz... well you get it.

I know how to find fresh angles and create unique content that performs.

I love collaborating with marketing, merchandising and media peeps.

I get turnt about tight turnarounds.

And I always meet my deadlines.

So my days look more like this. Except I use a MacBook. Typewriters are so last season.

If you're an in-house marketing team or agency in need of new blood...

I've paid the bills as a creative type for great companies like Amazon, Nintendo and Serta.

If it involves design, entertainment or pop culture - I'm in. Let's break the internet together.